Deluxe Room

Our duplex rooms at Hotel Dreamz offer a truly distinctive and captivating accommodation experience. Spread across two levels, these rooms provide an exclusive and spacious retreat for guests seeking a touch of elegance and charm. Here’s what you can expect in our duplex rooms:



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Price of this Room                                                   2576/-

Two Levels: Enjoy the luxury of space and separation as you move between two distinct levels of your room, offering a sense of privacy and comfort
Private Bedroom: Ascend to the upper level, where you’ll discover a private bedroom with a comfortable bed, premium linens, and an atmosphere designed for restful sleep.
Stylish Bathroom: Your duplex room may include a private bathroom with modern amenities, including a shower, bathtub, and complimentary toiletries.
Housekeeping: Our dedicated housekeeping team ensures that your duplex room is kept immaculate and inviting during your stay.


Room with Double Occupancy

Our 2 bedroom suites at Hotel Dreamz are the perfect choice for families, groups of friends, or those seeking extra space and privacy during their stay. These spacious and well-appointed suites offer a home away from home, featuring:

Room​ with Three Occupancy ​

At Hotel Dreamz, our 3 bedroom suites are designed to provide ample space, comfort, and convenience for larger groups, families, or guests who simply desire extra room to stretch out and relax. These generously sized suites feature:

Room​ with Four Occupancy

At Hotel Dreamz, our 4 bedroom suites offer a lavish and expansive accommodation option for large families, groups, or those seeking the utmost in space and luxury. These palatial suites feature:

Small Banquet

At Hotel Dreamz, we understand that some occasions call for a more intimate setting. That’s why we offer a cozy and stylish small banquet hall, perfect for hosting your special gatherings. Here’s what you can expect from our small banquet hall:

Big Hall

At Hotel Dreamz, we take pride in offering a magnificent and spacious banquet hall that’s perfect for hosting grand celebrations and events. Here’s what you can expect from our big banquet hall: